Woman falls victim to lottery scam

Wednesday, March 03, 2010 posted 09:43 AM EST

A Lee County woman fell victim to a common scam involving someone who claims to have won the lottery, but can't claim the ticket.

The victim told Lee County Sheriff's deputies she was shopping at 24600 S. Tamiami Trail in Bonita Springs when a woman approached her. The woman told the victim she needed help getting to Costa Rica.

The woman told the victim she won $300,000 in the lottery, but couldn't claim the winnings because she doesn't have identification.

A man approached the two women and said he also needed an identification card. He said he knew of a place to get identification cards and the victim agreed to go with the man and woman.

Once in the vehicle, a 2010 Vue, the man called the "lottery" and confirmed the ticket was a winner. The man said they had to take $14,000 with them to claim the winning lottery ticket.

The victim said she only had $3,000 and offered to loan it to the woman.

The male said he knew of someone in Target who could give them the remaining $11,000. He asked the victim to go inside and wait for the person who was giving them the rest of the money.

After ten minutes, the victim went outside the store and discovered the man and woman were gone. She contacted deputies and filed a report about the fraud.

The vehicle the suspects were driving is described as a black Vue with a black interior. The victim was unable to get the license plate number.

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