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Wheeling System -> Lotto Wheels

 How to use?

Simply select a wheel below by clicking on the link of the Wheel ID (if you haven't read yet how to interpret Wheel ID, click here) in the far left column. A ticket board will appear on your screen, and you'll be prompted to pick numbers.

To quickly find the right wheel to play, you can click on Wheel, # Wheel Pool, Win Guarantee, or # Combinations to reorder the wheel list.

You can also use Wheel Finder to quickly find the right wheel to play.

 14 Key Number Wheels for Pick 9 Games
Wheels # Wheel Pool Win Guarantee # Combinations
 K-9-10-7-7-7 107 of 77
 K-9-10-9-9-9 109 of 99
 K-9-11-7-7-12 117 of 712
 K-9-11-9-9-45 119 of 945
 K-9-12-9-9-165 129 of 9165
 K-9-13-6-9-3 136 of 93
 K-9-13-9-9-495 139 of 9495
 K-9-14-9-9-1287 149 of 91287
 K-9-15-6-9-5 156 of 95
 K-9-15-9-9-3003 159 of 93003
 K-9-16-6-9-7 166 of 97
 K-9-17-6-9-12 176 of 912
 K-9-19-6-9-22 196 of 922
 K-9-21-6-9-43 216 of 943


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