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 How to check if the pool has won and the total winnings of a play?

The only thing better than winning money in a lottery is finding out how easy it is, on, to find out if you're a winner.

To check if your pool has won, and the total winnings of the play, go to Past Plays and click on the links of that play. You will see a summary of the match results, exactly which of your pool's numbers matched the winning number. It's just like our Match Finder service. In addition, you can see who posted the numbers, the time numbers were posted, the total winnings in the play, and how much each member will receive.

 Pool Message Board

The Pool Message Board is a service for pool members to exchange information. It's like a normal Internet message board in which members can post and view messages. People use our message boards to discuss what draws to play, how many combinations to play, and how and when tickets will be purchased.
 Pool Message Board

The Management Event Log records every management action conducted by the pool leader, and is open for all members to see and review. The purpose of the Management Event Log is to create a system in which all members can monitor the pool management process.

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How to check if the pool has won and the total winnings of a play?
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