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 What is Post Deadline?

A post deadline is the deadline by which members post the numbers of the tickets that have been purchased. The numbers can only be posted after the tickets have been bought and must match the numbers on the tickets.

Let's use an example. Say, the winning numbers of a lotto game are to be drawn at 10 p.m., Eastern time, every Wednesday. The post deadline should be set to at least one hour before the deadline. In this case, let's say 8 p.m. is the post deadline. A lotto pool was playing for the draw on Wednesday, October 3, 2001. Before the 8 p.m. post deadline, pool coordinator/leader can post or modify the numbers being played for this draw. After 8 p.m., no one could post or modify numbers.

A post deadline can only be set by the pool leader and should not be changed after it is set. Any change in the deadline should have the consensus of all members.

There can be tricky issues involved here. Let's say a greedy pool leader buys all of the tickets and finds, after the 10 p.m. drawing, that one of the tickets is a big winner. The greedy pool leader doesn't want to share these winnings with the other pool members, so he changes the post deadline to 10:30 p.m. and modifies the numbers so that the winning ticket is not listed among the posted numbers. After making the change, the leader changes the post deadline back to 8 p.m., so that any pool member checking the postings would find no change in the deadline and no mention of the winning ticket.

The Lotto Pool systems devised by prevents this from happening - in two different ways:

  • Any change in the post deadline is recorded in the Management Event Log in red. Any member can see that the post deadline had been changed.
  • There is a time stamp for each combination posted to indicate when the numbers were posted. This time stamp is viewable by all members.

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